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Overview: take-out, delivery, payment

Since the request for take-out is higher on weekends, we extended the opening hours on Fridays and Saturdays as of April 18:


We are currently there for you from Wednesday to Sunday.

Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: between 12 noon and 7 p.m.
Friday and Saturday: between 12 noon and 8 p.m.

Wednesday to Sunday: between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.
(Delivery is only possible within a radius of 4 km)

Order by phone

If you would like to order for the same day, please call the restaurant on:
030/69 53 78 59.

In addition to dishes from the current menu, you can also order side dishes and cakes that are updated daily. We also have Sorrel and Ginger Beer, which you can order, too.

Services: take-out and delivery

Payment: You can pay in cash or with PayPal when you pick up your order.

Online order

You can order online on speisekarte.de for the same day.

The specified waiting time (usually 40 minutes) only begins with our confirmation of the order.

Service: take-out only

Payment: cash or PayPal

Pre-order by e-mail/phone

You can pre-order food by e-mail for the next day or later.

Write an e-mail to catering@rosacaleta.com stating which and how many dishes you would like, on which day and at what time you want to pick up or have it delivered (delivery is only possible within a radius of 4 km).

A pre-order is of course possible by phone, too.

Services: take-out and delivery

Payment: You will receive the confirmation and payment information (bank transfer or PayPal) in an email.

e-mail order for April 11 + 12

We are happy to offer Easter dinner of guava-glazed lamb in a sorrel jus, with rosemary roasted potatoes and green beans. The dinner is €14.50  and will be available this Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of April.

E-mail ordering process

We have set up a system to pre-order as this will help with the amounts that we will make, given the current situation.

Just write an e-mail to catering@rosacaleta.com stating how many lamb dishes you would like, which day and time you will pick up or if you need it delivered (delivery within a radius of 4 km). You can of course add/order any dish from our current take out menu.

Please order by Friday, April 10 at 16:00 !

Once you order, it will be confirmed shortly after and you get instructions to make payments by PayPal or bank transfer in our e-mail reply.

Services times April 11 + 12

If you will pick up your orders, the times are Saturday and Sunday, 13h to 19h.

If we deliver, the times are Saturday and Sunday, 15h to 19h.

Spontaneous orders

If you didn’t get to pre-order, but still want dinner, especially on Sunday, then please call the restaurant directly at  030 69 53 78 59 to see which dishes remain.

Thanks for thinking of us for your Easter dinner!

We wish you all a safe and lovely Easter weekend!

Opening hours + services

This is an overview of our current services. We also added more payment possibilities!

Opening hours take-out

You can pick up oders at our take-out window daily between 12 and 19 h. During this time you can order dishes by phone or online on speisekarte.de and pick up yourself.

Opening hours delivery service

Our own delivery service operates between 15 and 19 h. During this time you can have our meals delivered to your homes if you live within a circumference of 4 km around RosaCaleta. Delivery is only possible with a phone order.

You’ll find the current take-out menu here.

Payment methods

Since many try to avoid contact with cash, we decided to offer besides cash payment the possibility to pay by bank transfer and PayPal.

If you transfer by bank we ask you to e-mail a payment receipt as pdf (which you can usually download for free after the transaction is made) to catering@rosacaleta.com.

You’ll get the bank respectively PayPal info on the phone!

own delivery service on March 29

We are going to test our OWN DELIVERY service today, March 29. Service starting at 14 h and taking the last order at 18:45 h.

For delivery, please call RosaCaleta on 030/69 53 78 59, place your order giving your PHONE NUMBER and ADDRESS.

Deliveries will be within a radius of 4 km from RosaCaleta. Please check this in your GPS BEFORE you call.

Please pay CASH on delivery, bearing in mind that the driver does not have unlimited amounts of change.

We are testing deliveries today ONLY and if it works well we will set it up on a more regular basis as of Wednesday April 1.

Please note that you can still also order from RosaCaleta through Lieferando (availability of dishes is very limited there since they can’t implement changes on short notice).

And you can order by phone and pick your order up at RosaCaleta, of course!

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Only take-out and delivery

As of today (March 22, 2020), we are not allowed to offer food and beverages for consumption in the restaurant any longer (nor does any other restaurant in Berlin).

Therefore, we only offer take-out and delivery as of Monday, March 23, between 12:00 and 19:00 h. We will offer a smaller menu, but dishes for reduced prices. Here you’ll find the take-out menu.

Please order by phone: 0049 30 69 53 78 59

You can call ahead and set your pick-up time and pay cash when you get your order.

Keep posted for updates and stay healthy!

daytime opening only and food take out

Hello RosaCaleta friends and family,

We hope you are well and taking every precaution to stay that way!

Here at RosaCaleta we are doing our best to be here for you guys as long as we can. For the moment we institute as many precautionary measures as possible, complying with government regulations as well as employing our own measures.

The new restaurant opening times are daily from 12H to 18H. Our take out operation is enhanced so that you can call directly and order, then pick up from RosaCaleta.

We’ve set up a small terrace for you while you wait, which limits the congregation of people and complies with the latest regulations. We will remain flexible while keeping an eye out for updates.

Please check our website and social media for more info or call the restaurant directly: 0049 30/695 37 859

Most importantly: stay healthy and don’t forget that we’re a community and we’re responsible for each other.

Your team of RosaCaleta

Now available at Lieferando.de

You can order your delicious dinner from RosaCaleta not only via Foodora, but now also in a larger area of Berlin through Lieferando.de.

With Lieferando.de we deliver to these zip code areas:
10179, 10243, 10967, 10997, 10999, 12045 und 12047