Samples for fingerfood catering

Following menus are samples for fingerfood catering. They can be extended and combined as you wish.

For an easy comparision we calculated for the menus 5 pieces of fingerfood per person and an event with 50 guests.

All prices excluding VAT.

As at May 2017: Please consider possible price adjustments.

Suggestion 1

  • Sesame meatball
  • Spinach roll
  • Zucchini, goat cheese and mint puffer
  • Jerk chicken skewer
  • Mini veggie quiche

Price: 525 EUR
Price per fingerfood: 2.10 EUR

Suggestion 2

  • Spinach and salmon roll
  • Oriental lamb balls with mozzarella and mint
  • Zucchini coriander sole and red pesto roll
  • Mini pizza with pear and brie
  • Crispy cornflakes and sesame chicken strips with mango yogurt sauce

Price: 737.50 EUR
Price per fingerfood: 2.95 EUR

Suggestion 3

  • Cocktail beef patties
  • Ackee & saltfish quiche
  • Jerk chicken wraps
  • Swordfish skewers
  • Spicy curry-lentil rolls

Price: 800 EUR
Price per fingerfood: 3.20 EUR

For explanations of jerk and ackee, please check our food lexicon.

Jamaican-European Fusion Cuisine

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