Programme BlockParty 2017

Our legendary BlockParty@RosaCaleta is just about to happen! Already this Wednesday, June 21, 2017 we’re going to celebrate from 16 h till 22 h as a part of Fete de la Musique.

And this is the schedule:

As of June 19, 201716:00 h – Sammy Dread (reggae)16:35 h – Saffiyah & Sarauniya Johnson, Boston (funk/soul)16:55 h – Esther Cowens, Berlin (soul singer)17:10 h – The House of Melody (voguing troupe)17:30 h – Buzz Goree – Mixworks18:00 h – Rebaone, South Africa (soul, vocals)18:15 h – DJ San Gabriel (r&b, reggae, house)18:55 h – Keishera James (reggae, r&b)19:15 h – Mandel Turner (house)19:50 h – Yarah Bravo20:25 h – Nanofish Dippers21:10 h – Ahmad Larnes21:10 h – DJ Jango Syd/Markus Soyr (house/techno)22:00 h – Close and leave with beautiful memories of Blockparty@RosaCaleta

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