Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving menu 2019

(We reserve the right to change any part of this menu without notice.)

Welcome to Thanksgiving at RosaCaleta

On Thursday, November 28, we will celebrate RosaCaleta’s take on the great American tradition of Thanksgiving.

We will have two seatings for dinner. The first starts at 18:00 h, but if you come earlier, we will be ready at 17:30 h. The second starts at 21:00 h and goes until 23:30 h for dinner, but we will remain open for drinks and celebration until late.

You can reserve either by calling at the restaurant or online.

Additionally, we will need your confirmation between Friday, Nov 22 and Tuesday, Nov 26 to ensure that the reservation still stands. Seats are in demand and we would like to accommodate everyone who wishes to enjoy our feast. Thank you for your consideration.

You’ll get this delicious, extensive dinner for 39.00 € only!


The MEAT of the matter
Jerk Turkey
Classic Jamaican jerk pork with a sorrel glaze
Honey and thyme roasted tofu (vegan)
Jamaican pumpkin soup
Creamy coconut mashed potatoes
Mac n’cheese (with three kinds of cheese)
Sweet potato and coconut gratin
Green beans provençal
Cornbread stuffing
Balsamic roasted root vegetables
Green salad with julienne veggies and RosaCaleta raspberry dressing
Buttermilk cornbread
Apple pie
Classic chocolate cake

Jamaican-European Fusion Cuisine