Christmas Dinner 2019

only on December 24 and 25


Menu I (vegan)

Rainbow vegetable tartelette
with a tarragon pesto drizzle
on a bed of lush winter greens
tossed in classic RosaCaleta raspberry dressing

Exotic mushroom ragout
with caramelized chestnuts in a vol-au-vent,
cinnamon peppered pumpkin chip
and red beets & walnut salad on the side

Christmas spiced pears
poached in brown sugar and red wine
on a cloud of white chocolate vanilla mousse



 Menu II

Herbed goat cheese and pear
with a jerk cranberry sauce in a phyllo packet
on a bed of saffron and lime vinaigrette tossed mixed salad

Country fried guinea hen
with Lobster Newburg inspired mac & cheese
and honey-orange glazed carrots and sweet corn

Mini tarte tartan
with bourbon vanilla cream anglaise



 Menu III

Pumpkin strudel
with caramelized almonds
and a side of tequila braised China cabbage and smoked ham

Salmon deluxe
brined salmon, fresh baby spinach and limed sour cream in phyllo pastry
with a mint walnut tossed zucchini spaghetti

Chocolate blue mountain mocha latte cake



 Menu IV

Sweet potato and orange soup
with mini pumpkin muffins

Slow roasted rosemary and thyme beef ribs
with potato gratin rosettes,
bacon wrapped winter vegetables
accompanied by a whiskey/sorrel reduction

Traditional Jamaican black cake
with a nutmeg chantilly



Please tell us if you have dietary requirements when you reserve.

All prices in Euro.
We reserve the right to change any part of this menu without notice.

Jamaican-European Fusion Cuisine