Christmas Dinner 2017

Menu I

Rainbow harvest

Sweet potato chestnut soup
with mini jalapeno and cheddar cornbread

Pumpkin mille-feuille with a savoury ginger curd
and a trio of orange confetti carrots

Chocolate bread and butter pudding
topped with bourbon-vanilla Chantilly

We also have a vegan version of this menu.

28.50 Euro


 Menu II

When ducks fly

Grilled salmon and lime cakes with apple-ginger slaw

Honey-ginger glazed duck breast
with braised bok choy, pearl onion & sour cherry confit
with an artichoke and sun-dried tomato brioche pudding

Jamaican Christmas cake on a Blue Mountain liquer reduction

34.00 Euro


 Menu III

Fishing in the Indian Ocean

Sweet potato and apple fritters with a spicy pear compote

Brown-buttered salmon filet with a spicy apple-pear chutney
served on a black sesame seed cocobread

Guava lime mini cheesecake

37.50 Euro


 Menu IV

Fed at the rum trough

Spinach ricotta strudel on a bed of baby salad
with a saffron-lime vinaigrette

Slow roasted herb-crusted prime rib
with beet root and coconut potato mash,
charred root veggies and a sorrel-rum jus

White chocolate and chestnut charlotte
drizzled with caramel sauce

40.00 Euro


Please tell us if you are vegan or have dietary requirements when you reserve.

We reserve the right to change any part of this menu without notice.

Jamaican-European Fusion Cuisine