BlockParty 2016

Soon it’s time for our legendary BlockParty again!

Our BlockParty@RosaCaleta is on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 from 16 h till 22 h.

It’s the seventh time that we participate at Fete de la Musique and we expect great artists to rock the crowd again: krizzi with the k! | Mandel Turner | San Gabriel | Esther Cowens

Hosted by MC Sammy Dread

And of course we’ll have some surprise acts!

This is the schedule:

Last updated on Monday, June 20 2016

16:00 h – Sammy Dread (reggae)

16:40 h – Esther Cowens and friends (soul/pop)

17:00 h – Mariam Sawires (singer)

17:15 h – Poetry session with Moona Moon, Jumoke Adayanju, Azadê

17:35 h – The House of Melody (voguing troupe)

18:10 h – Nanghiti & Co.

18:40 h – krizzy with the k! (dancehall)

19:20 h – Colin Rich (soul)

19:40 h – DJ San Gabriel (r&b, reggae, house)

20:10 h – Mandel Turner (DJ & vocals, house)

20:30 h – Spontaneous group JAM (singers, musicians do impromptu set together)

20:50 h – DJ Jango Syd/Markus Mitk (house/techno)

21:20 h – Andy Roda (pop, soul

21:50 h – Last track!!!

22:00 h – Close and leave with beautiful memories of Blockparty@RosaCaleta

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