Opening hours + services

This is an overview of our current services. We also added more payment possibilities!

Opening hours take-out

You can pick up oders at our take-out window daily between 12 and 19 h. During this time you can order dishes by phone or online on and pick up yourself.

Opening hours delivery service

Our own delivery service operates between 15 and 19 h. During this time you can have our meals delivered to your homes if you live within a circumference of 4 km around RosaCaleta. Delivery is only possible with a phone order.

You’ll find the current take-out menu here.

Payment methods

Since many try to avoid contact with cash, we decided to offer besides cash payment the possibility to pay by bank transfer and PayPal.

If you transfer by bank we ask you to e-mail a payment receipt as pdf (which you can usually download for free after the transaction is made) to

You’ll get the bank respectively PayPal info on the phone!

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