Pop-up restaurant & Catering service by RosaCaleta

In 2021, we closed our permanent location on Muskauer street. Since then, we operate as a pop-up restaurant in changing locations in Berlin, Germany. And of course, we continue to offer our catering services.

However, RosaCaleta remains a space where people come to enjoy tasty food in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and meet other people from a wide international community – no matter at which guest location we currently are. You’ll find current information in our newsletter!

Jamaican-European Fusion Cuisine

Although Jamaican, RosaCaleta doesn’t offer a traditional Jamaican cuisine. Knowing that ingredients are too difficult or too expensive to obtain in a consistent manner, since the beginning of RosaCaleta we decided to create menus that incorporated Jamaican and European ingredients and cooking techniques as well as other culinary forms from other areas of the world; hence the Jamaican-European Fusion Cuisine.

Everything served by RosaCaleta is created in OUR kitchen. Every dish has been designed to create a colourful, visual delight and a carnival of flavours on your palate. A mixture of traditional Jamaican dishes and unique creations from our chef Troy Lopez, using available ingredients and culinary art to create dishes that are our signature fusion dishes.

This also extends to our ever delicious desserts, from sweet potato puddings to carrot cakes to Black Forest cakes spanning a range of cultures and baking arts.

We look forward to having you!

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