Blockparty programme 2015

And this is our programme for our upcoming BlockParty@RosaCaleta on Sunday, June 21, 2015.

The schedule might change without further notice. So, please come back and stay up to date!

Start time Artist Style Artist’s website
16:00 Sammy Dread MC, DJ
(warm up beats)
16:15 Leah King singer (soul)
16:30 Makus Soyr DJ (house)
17:15 Mandel Turner DJ (house), singer
 17:30 Jona Than DJ (hip hop, house)
 18:10 Andy Roda singer (soul, electro)
 18:25 krizzi with the k! DJ (ragga)
 19:05 Yarah Bravo singer (hip hop, rap)
 19:25 Sonny Daze DJ (house)
 20:00 New Detroit
feat. Sadiq Bey
jazz band
 20:25 Z Royale performance artist
 20:40 Yuval DJ (soul house)
 21:20 Jerome Sydenham &
Demetrius Subbaiah
DJ, singer

After 22 h the party continues inside!

Last update: June 19, 2015

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