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Welcome to RosaCaleta

RosaCaleta is a space for people to enjoy quality food in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and meet other people from a wide international network.

Everything served at RosaCaleta is created in OUR kitchen. Every dish has been designed to create a colourful, visual delight and a carnival of flavours for your plate.

We have special dishes changing on a daily basis, but also regulars on our Daily Menu.

Our scrumptious desserts and cakes are a must try, along with our specialty coffees.

We also have a great variety of cocktails, and present you new ones on our bar nights announced in our monthly NEWSLETTER.

Additional updates, reviews, and announcements can be found in our BLOG.

Reserving a table is easy with our online reservation tool which you find on the left side, but you can also call or write us. You find all contact details here.

We also provide catering here at RosaCaleta or at a location chosen by you. Contact us and we will see to realize your event as best as possible!

In the press section you find a press release about RosaCaleta and photos of dishes and the restaurant that may be used for press/blog articles. The photographers are credited in the file names and we kindly ask you to do so as well.

Have a look and reserve quickly, so we see you soon at RosaCaleta!